Tournament starts: FEBRUARY 1st 2018


Florida Spearfishing Tournament Rules

NEW for 2018!--

1) We now announce that we're including the TOP DOG categories will also have Women's and Junior available Categories to both Scuba and Freedive!

2) Red Snapper Categories are open for both Freedive and Scuba categories!

3) Red Grouper Scuba Category is now open!

4) Lionfish will have THREE winners. one for MOST lionfish, one for the LONGEST Lionfish(measured in cm), and one for the Smallest Lionfish(Measured in cm)

3) Submissions will be done using our online submission portal under the submission tab.

4) Each registration will come with a measuring tape that will be used to measure OVER the top of the fish, from tail to head  



Rules for the top dog: Person with the longest length of fish at the end of the year will be crowned Florida Spearfishing's Speared TOP DOG. It is up to the participant to keep track. Post pictures the same way you would for any other category, on the Facebook Group. You can only lead in one species of fish, but if you can enter your catch if you're trying for the Speared Top Dog.  Start entering your fish now, but we will not start the leader board until June 1st. 

Person with the longest length of fish is the winner, however, the most species trumps the length! -- Example: A person with an overall length of 120 inches is in the lead with 4 different species of fish. Someone can take the lead with a smaller overall length, but 5 species. So the person with the most species will always win, if there are multiple people with all species, we will crown the winner based on the total length!

Largest Lionfish will be counted in the TOP DOG categories.

Posting rules for TOP DOG are the same as regular entries. There will be a separate TOP DOG for Freedive AND Scuba for each the open, Women's  and Junior Categories! 



To enter a fish in any category you must

  • Spear and land your fish with a witness to the catch
  • Take a photo of the fish that clearly shows the length of the fish (tip- also take a picture of you wearing the hat holding the fish. That will make better pictures for all of the sponsors to share!)
  • Fish should be measured according to Federal regulations
  • A measuring tape should be used and a picture of the length of the fish should be clearly visible. Tape measure must be laid OVER the fish, on a flat surface. You must clearly see the beginning of the tape measure and the final measurement. Multiple pictures may be needed. Entries that don't follow this rule will not be entered. (There should be no question on the length of the fish)
  • Tournament hat must clearly be displayed with photo of the fish
  • Verification of date is needed in the submission (picture of phone, picture info, picture of watch, etc)
  • Post must include typed length of fish and date in post.
  • How to submit your entry? Simply go to the tab for submissions and follow instructions to submit through our online portal. YOU MUST ALSO SHARE ON FACEBOK
  • You must post it on the Florida Spearfishing Facebook Group. Do not "share" it to this page, as it will not show up for everyone to see. It must be posted by "Write Post" on the Home page of Florida Spearfishing.
  • Photo must be entered within 30 days of catch
  • Judges reserve the right to challenge any entry. Proof must be provided by the person entering the fish if additional information is asked for.
  • Breach of any fisheries laws and regulations, or suspected breach, will be sufficient ground for disqualification. All local fisheries regulations must be complied with.
  • All fish must be taken in Florida waters. No Bahamas.
  • One person can hold a single category in both Freediving and scuba score boards. If that person wants to enter another fish the other fish will be removed from the board. 
  • Fish measurement go to the closest quarter inch, must beat previous fish by at least full inch to take its spot on the board.
  • Commercial fish are allowed for both Top Dog and Species leaders, however, only fish that are open  to the recreational diver can be entered. (If Gag Grouper is closed for the recreational diver, a commercial Gag Grouper cannot be entered until season opens.)
  • Rules are subject to change 
  • Rule changes will be posted on the Facebook Group. It is up to you to know the rules before you post your fish. 


Pics must include

  • Tournament hat
  • Date Verification
  • Clear measurement of fish (TAPE MEASURE MUST BE OVER FISH FLAT ON GROUND OR FLAT OBJECT) Multiple images may be needed to remove any doubt of fish size. If you fail to prove without a question the length of your fish, your fish may not count.
  • For lionfish quantity of fish must be clearly countable




Species Sponsor
African Pompano Red Tide
Amberjack Flatline Spearguns
Cobia Shark Shield
Cubera Hatch 
Grouper Florida Freedivers
Hogfish Wong Spearguns
Kingfish Aussie Reels
Mahi Drift
Mangrove Killshot Spearguns
Mutton Formula Freediving
Permit Neptonics
Wahoo Black Tip Spearguns
Sheepshead Ocean Hunter
Red Snapper Benthic Ocean Sports


Species Sponsor
African Pompano Infinite Descent
Amberjack Wakulla Dive Center/ Shearwater
Cobia The Dive Source
Cubera Rob Allen
Black Grouper Austins Dive Center
Gag Grouper Hammerhead
Red Grouper Slate Coolers
Hogfish Marine Fiberglass Direct
Mangrove DiveRITE
Mutton Offshore Naples
Sheepshead J Ferrara Photo
Lionfish (Most, Longest, and Smallest) ZooKeeper