Lionfish Category Rules:

  1. All entries must abide by state and federal laws.


  1. This is an honor-based competition. Any participant found to not be honorable would be disqualified.


  1. Competition begins February 1st at 12:00 AM and ends on November 30th at 11:59 pm.


  1. All lionfish submitted to competition must be taken off the coast of the State of Florida.


  • To submit your catch, use one of the following:
    • Take a picture of your catch so that they can be counted. Your Florida Spearfishing Hat and a source showing the date of the catch must be in the picture. Submit picture. Name at least one witness.
    • Take a video of the count with your Florida Spearfishing Hat and a source for the date in the video. Submit link to the video. Name the witness.
    • If participating in a Lionfish Derby, submit picture of your catch with your Florida Spearfishing Hat along with the Official count sheet from the derby. State which Derby you participated in. Name the witness.


  1. Participants must shoot a minimum per month to be eligible for the end of month prize. Minimums per month are as follows:


  • February – 10
  • March – 10
  • April – 15
  • May – 20
  • June – 25
  • July – 25
  • August – 25
  • September – 20
  • October - 15
  • November – 15


  1. Scoring: Participants will receive 1 (one) point for every lionfish submitted. Points are placed in a computer program (per participant), which will pick a winner at the end of each month for the monthly prize, and a winner for the Grand Prize at the end of the Tournament. Only participants who meet monthly requirements above will be eligible for the End of Month prize.  So…….the more you shoot, the more chances you have to win. (But even if you shoot the minimum, you could still win!!!!!) All participants, regardless of meeting the requirements for each month, will be eligible for the Grand Prize.
  2. Lionfish for The Speared TOP DOG category will be counted as the amount of lionfish, not the length.